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Top 10 Snacks to Lose Weight

February 25th, 2012 4 comments

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International Workout Team BarStarzz talks Healthy Eating & Working Out

February 25th, 2012 24 comments

“You don’t have to be Tim the Toolman Taylor to build yourself a gym and workout” the Barstarzz shared with FeelRichTV in New York. They talk candidly about eating healthy on a budget, cutting fast food, and taking control of your health NOW.

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Atkins Diet Recipes: Low Carb Teriyaki Stir Fry (IF)

February 24th, 2012 25 comments

** Recipe included in my new low carb, gluten free cookbook, Low Carbing Among Friends. Please check it out at our website @ **
Here is my recipe for making Low Carb Stir Fry with a home-made Teriyaki sauce. I am surprised at all easy this recipe is to make, and low carb stir fries remain one of dietary staples. Is it any wonder how I can more vegetables now than ever before?

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Ingredients Low Carb Teriyaki Stir Fry
20 oz Pork Shoulder, marinated & thinly sliced
2 TBS Coconut Oil
1 small Onion
3 stalks Celery
1 Green Pepper
2 Red Pepper
2 cloves Garlic

Teriyaki Sauce
3 TBS Soy Sauce
2 TBS Splenda
1 tsp Ground Ginger
1/2 tsp Garlic Powder
1/4 tsp Xanthan Gum

Nutrition Facts: (6 Servings)
1 servings: 315 Calories: 19g protein; 22.6g fat;
9.5g carbs (-3.3g Fiber)

(IF = Induction Friendly)

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Skin Health, Eating Out, & Traveling on Raw #55

February 24th, 2012 25 comments








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Can anyone name diets that actually work?

February 10th, 2012 6 comments

I am exploring my dietary options. Does anyone know a way I should balance my food intake, how many calories a day i should consume, or just anything?
I’m wondering about life style changing diets, or quick diets. I just want to look healthy but right now, I am not happy. I really hate not being comfortable in my own skin, so all help is welcomed!
Thank you!

i haven’t tried my self but i’ve heard a lot about people who had! so it takes exactly 100 days and you loose about 10 kg or about 22 pounds! so you don’t have to lessen the amount you eat, you just have to control WHAT you eat:
1. things not to eat:
*junk food of any sort
*NO fast food
*nothing with too much flour or sugar
2. exercise!!!!- skip for thirty minutes every day and go on a jog around you neighborhood. just get between an hour and two hours of exercise every day!
3. don’t eat after six in the evening!!!!! eating before you sleep is very bad.
4. don’t go on a diet with someone you know!- if you go on a diet with someone else, it might seem smart cause you can "suffer" together, but you end up comparing yourself to them!
5. do not weigh yourself until the hundredth day!!!- you end up slacking off if you loose you weight faster than you expected.
6. follow the food guide for your diet!

How to stick to a healthy eating style?

February 10th, 2012 2 comments

I lost about 25 lbs and I want to know how to stick to a healthy eating and exercising life style so that I don’t gain any weight. Any tips to do this?

Fruits and Veggies of course, I wake up every morning and run around my neighborhood for 15 minutes then I go eat some bananas and strawberries and take a breather then do some cruntches to burn off all the bad stuff you ate with the fruits (if any) and try to go all organic, they dont have pestisides and are very healthy for you.

How much does a vegan diet benifit you and your body?

February 10th, 2012 10 comments

I’ve recently gone on a vegan diet and its been 4 days. I havent lost any weight, and I dont feel that much more energetic though my skin looks healthier. Have you been on a vegan diet? If yes then please tell me all about what you went through and how much difference it made. If you havent been on a vegan diet but know something about it, then do share.

"The word ‘veganism’ denotes a philosophy and way of living which seeks to end the idea of animals as property and exclude all forms of intentional exploitation of, use of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing, research or any other purpose; and by extension, promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of animals, including people and the environment.
In dietary terms it denotes the practice of dispensing with all products derived wholly or partly from animals."

Veganism is not a diet, that wouldn’t make sense, you don’t eat circuses or wool plus it is a life time commitment to the animals. Also veganism is not about health, you happen to be healthier as a vegan just simply because products taken from animals are not healthy for us but that is not the reason for veganism.

As far as your pure vegetarian diet things don’t change magically you have to wait a while for your body to adjust and change and if you are looking to be healthy you have to eat healthier and exercise and eventually you will see results. There is no magic bullet to good health it is something that takes time and effort. Strict/pure vegetarianism doesn’t magically turn you healthy as soon as you start especially not within a week and you shouldn’t expect that.

This should give you the info to help start off veganism a lot easier:

Here is a list of animal ingredients to avoid:

More things to avoid:

Animals as clothes:
Leather, skins, furs, wool, silk, down, feathers…

Animals as entertainment:
Circuses, rodeos, zoos, aquariums, animal fights, animal races, hunting…

Companies that DO NOT test on animals(however CHECK INGREDIENTS they only verify testing not ingredients):

Vegan products: (I know them well and they aren’t doing as well in this economy but they are a great source for awesome hard to find stuff and they are very friendly and giving even if they really don’t have much if anything to give)

Making Life Easier

Vegan recipes:

More info on veganism: (I get the honey question a lot)

Should Whole Foods Market customers have to sign release just to learn about plant based healthy eating?…?

February 10th, 2012 2 comments

Should Whole Foods Market customers have to sign a release just to learn about Engine 2 plant based healthy eating?…

E2 28 Day Challenge Program Release

I am proud to participate in an opportunity, offered by Whole Foods Market, Inc. ("WFM") to expand my knowledge relating to nutrition. I acknowledge that my participation the E2 28 Day Challenge ("Program") is strictly voluntary.

Because participation in the Program may present risks, I will use my good judgment and reasonable care for my own safety and the safety of others. By signing this form, I acknowledge, agree, and understand that my participation is voluntary, and I assume the risks associated with the Program and all its related activities.

I, for myself, my heirs, personal representatives or assigns, knowingly and voluntarily do hereby release, acquit, waive, forever discharge, and covenant not to sue WFM, its parent, subsidiaries, affiliates, and related companies together with their respective managers, members, officers, directors, employees, agents, representatives, attorneys, invitees, customers, insurers, successors and assigns (the "releasees"), irrespective of releasees’ negligence, from and against any and all liabilities, costs and expenses (including without limitation, any reasonable fees and expenses of its attorneys and consultants) relating to or arising out of any claims, demands or causes of action of every kind and character (including, without limitation, wrongful death, personal injury and/or property damage claims) that I, and/or any other family member, heir or assign may have or may claim to have against any of the releasees as a result of my participation in the program.

Prior to my participation in the program, I have consulted a physician regarding my health and my participation in the program. I have read the previous paragraphs and I know, understand, and appreciate health and other risks that are inherent in the program. I hereby assert that my participation is voluntary and that I knowingly assume all such risks.

I hereby represent and certify that (1) I am not relying upon any oral or written representations or statements made by the releasees; (2) I will not modify this release without WFM’s written consent; and (3) I am aware that by signing this agreement I am waiving certain legal rights which I or my heirs, next of kin, executors, administrators, assigns and representatives may have against the releasees. I have carefully read and fully understand this release.

Signature: _______________
Name Printed: _______________
Date: ________________________

>I think this is really rediculous! Do we, as consumers, have to put up with more of this paperwork nonsense that the government and political social agendists create? For one, I am sick and tired of the paperwork routine we all are put through in this world.

If you can’t just simply go to a store and buy food and eat it, then go do something else. I am fed up with paperwork and all the nonsense retailers create to try and maintain market share…so they cater to the social agendists and the government paranoia. I don’t want your paperwork.

What is an extremely healthy but inexpensive 7 day meal plan that I can go by?

February 3rd, 2012 4 comments

I want to start eating healthier. I don’t really have any self motivation so maybe a meal plan will help me get in gear. I don’t like drinking anything but water anyway so I’m good on that part. Any suggestions? (:

I will give 7 options for each meal sorry I am a vegetarian mostly so lol

Breakfast 1
Oatmeal with fruit (you can add a bit of honey to sweeten)
Breakfast 2
1 egg (prepared as you like), baked beans, 1-2 slices of whole-grain toast, fresh fruit, you can add 2 pieces of turkey bacon if you like
Breakfast 3
1 almond or peanut butter sandwich (use the natural kind), 1 banana, it’s good if you can drink a small glass of milk but if not just stick with your water
Breakfast 4
2 oz of fish (it’s not really expensive if you buy a fresh fish at a good price and then divide it into 2-3 oz servings b/c 1 pound of fish can give you 8 meals), 1/2 cup brown rice,, fresh fruit, personally I drink green tea here
Breakfast 5
2 open-faced veggie sandwiches on whole grain bread or wasa crackers, I add a thin slice of cheese (use a cheese carver it gets them really thin), fruit
Breakfast 6
Muesli and kefir (it tastes similar to plain yogurt it’s excellent for digestion but it does take getting used too my husband loves it but I am not too fond of it personally) alternately you can have a healthy cereal with reduced fat cow’s milk or fortified soy or rice milk depending on the cereal I might add fresh fruit I like nectarines with my bran flakes
Breakfast 7 (this tastes like a bit like a really nice chunky applesauce)
– Raw Food Breakfast –

Serves 2
2 apples
1 banana
1 tablespoon golden flax seed
2 teaspoons cinnamon
Pure water

Put the flax seeds in the purified water and let sit overnight.

Peel the apples and cut them in smaller parts (for the blender). Peel the banana and break in parts. Rinse the flax seeds.

Put all ingredients in a blender. Add 1/4 cup water, just enough to let the mixture blend well. Blend all ingredients until smooth. You may want to add a little more water if it’s too thick (I don’t).
Can add nuts and/or raisins

Lunch 1
Salad (2-3 oz grilled chicken, cabbage shredded, apples (diced and peeled), yellow bell peppers julienned, diced red onion (small amount), caramelized cashews, avocado, cottage cheese (instead of dressing I detest cottage cheese but on this salad superb)
Lunch 2
Hummus and raw veg stuffed in a whole wheat pita, fruit salad
Lunch 3
tuna (just canned or pouched in water), bulghur (cooked in a vegetable broth), cucumber, tomato, avocado, bell peppers, mixed together you can add a small drizzle of olive oil
Lunch 4
Lunch 5
Chilli with rice (I add veggie crumbles for B-vitamins and so it’s ultra low fat but you can use lean ground beef or turkey crumbles try to avoid full fat ground beef)
Lunch 6
I like to have with hearty healthy bread. If you can’t bring yourself to try lentils which are excellent for your health have some Minestrone Soup
Lunch 7
Black Bean Burritos alternatively if you are more of a meat eater
Apple Pork Wraps

Fresh sage
Handful of pork
Olive oil
A few leaves of romaine lettuce
Whole-wheat wrap
About 2" of cucumber, sliced thinly
1/2 an apple, sliced thinly
Salt and pepper

Chop the sage finely. Mix the pork and fresh sage with 1/2 – 1 teaspoon of olive oil. Lay one or two leaves of romaine lettuce on the whole-wheat wrap. Spread the pork evenly over the lettuce. Cover this with thinly sliced cucumber and apple. Add salt and pepper to taste. Wrap and eat.
Dinner 1 1/2 cup brown rice
Dinner 2 (I would have with 1/2 cup of brown rice)
Dinner 3
Chicken Fajitas (I personally make my own wraps b/c I can’t stand the taste of store bought ones)
Dinner 4
Dinner 5
Dinner 6
Thai-style Turkey Burgers look these up on that BBC Food Site you can have baked fries or some crispy raw veggies on the side
Dinner 7
Shish Kebobs lots of grilled veggies and a protein (hallomi cheese, chicken, shrimp, beef, lamb whatever) you can have with some brown rice

Don’t forget healthy snacks: plain nuts and seeds, oatmeal, yoghurt, raw veg (with hummus), fresh fruit, fruit and veggies smoothies great for breakfast but I know you only drink water so maybe you won’t like, slice of healthy bread w/nut butter

Not necessarily in this order I just put them down as they occurred you can also swap dinners and lunches. I tried to make dinner lighter b/c it’s ideal

What is the best Acai diet pill to take along with healthy eating and exercising daily?

February 3rd, 2012 2 comments

Looking for something to help speed up the process a little. By no means am I going to be completely dependant on the product. Ive been working out and eating healthy since the new year, but am looking for that extra boost.

This whole acai berry thing is a scam.
Acai berries are high in antioxidants.
A diet high in antioxidant foods can help increase your metabolism.
An increase in metabolism can burn more calories.
More calories burned can result in weight loss.
Acai berries cause weight loss!
That is the "stretch" these con artists are selling.
Acai berries don’t have any more antioxidants in them than blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, or blackberries. At 10 times the price because they are "exotic".
The cleanse pills that usually come with them contain nothing more than psyllium husk powder to help you poop more. There is no such thing as a fat burner. Burning more calories than you consume is the only fat burner. None of these weight loss supplements guarantee anything unless you establish a healthy diet and exercise program. So why not just establish a healthy diet and exercise program and keep your money?
The same stretch of the imagination marketing applies to green tea capsules, maquiberry, hoodia, moyoberry, gojiberry, fruta planta, hoodia, and african mango seed extract pills.
Spending the same $2 to $10 a day on this junk would pay for a great gym membership.
The only weight loss supplement I recommend is a basic multivitamin.
A healthy diet high in both soluble and insoluble fiber is the only safe way there is.

See the story below about how the scam artists have to sell this stuff. If it worked, why would you need to use questionable marketing techniques?

If you are looking at them in the grocery don’t waste your money. If you are looking online read the Terms and Conditions. Many sites bill you $100 14 days after you ORDER, not after you receive the product. So you will actually have the product for maybe two or three days before you have to cancel your "free trial". No way to know if it works or not. And don’t forget those undisclosed Shipping and Handling fees if you successfully return the product. They make money even if you return them.