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February 20th, 2013 17 comments

This is my secret extreme weight loss diet video to show off my extreme weight loss diet, 15lbs in 3 weeks. I got into a bad habit of eating lots of junk food and drinking too much, not really paying attention to my health. I ended up tired, overweight, had bad skin and hair, my stomach was always bloated and painful..a total mess basically so I decided enough was enough and that I’d have to sort it out.

I had a search online for a diet and most of them I found were really boring, hard work, involved exercise or you had to buy lots of expensive ingredients and I just didn’t want to do a diet like that. I wanted something easy to follow, that didn’t involve eating the same thing over and over again (like the cabbage soup diet, yuk!) and wasn’t going to cost me a fortune just to lose weight. It took a while to find one but eventually I got lucky and found something that looked really simple and straight forward and had some good recommendations, apparently even some of the celebs are using this to lose weight so it must be good, right? It was a secret extreme weight loss diet.

I started it the next day and I really enjoyed it, the first week was dead simple and I felt good the whole time, was never hungry or craving junk food and already I knew it was going to be beneficial. I checked my weight loss at the end of the first week and I’d lost 6lbs, I was amazed that this secret extreme weight loss diet had worked.

People told me I was looking better and healthier already. I continued with the extreme weight loss diet plan and after week 3 I’d lost 15lbs, talk about extreme weight loss. I’m now at my target weight and feel amazing. I’m going to stick with the diet because actually it’s more than just a diet, it’s a healthy eating plan that I enjoy following. I don’t think I need to lose weight still but I’m happy to remain healthy and keep my weight loss off. You should try the extreme weight loss diet.

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5 WORST diet mistakes (for building muscle)

February 13th, 2013 24 comments

1 crazy trick to build muscle:

Hey y’all! Coming back at you today with another episode of the MONSTER New Year’s Giveaway…and I’ve got some killer stuff for you today. I’m going to show you the five most common mistakes guys make with their diet when trying to build muscle that prevent them from EVER gaining size. I also show you how to avoid each mistake, and what to do instead so that you get the strong, muscular body you want.

Here’s the breakdown of mistakes for muscle gain.

**1. Not eating enough calories: If you’re not gaining weight, it’s probably because you’re not eating enough. Remember weight training only promotes muscle growth and its the calories that actual puts muscles on the body.

**2. Not eating enough Carbs: Most of people afraid of carbs because of all the fitness fad diets out there claiming that carbs are the #1 cause of fat gain. Not only is this not true, but carbs is actually one of the most important part of muscle growth.

**3 Not pre-cooking your meals in advance. Pre-cooking meals is the key to eating healthy and for muscle growth. For building muscle, we need to eat every two hours or so and without prepared meals… you’ll never have time and the patience to set up the meal at those specific time.

**4 Eating crazy amounts of protein: Your body could only absorb a certain amount of protein, about 1 gram per pound a day. So over eating protein will do you no good, in fact you’ll be so focused on eating protein you’ll end up forgetting to eat carbs.

**5 Permanent bulking: What happens to many guys is that they forget to diet back down after bulking up. With permanent bulking, you’ll end up putting on a lot of size but at the cost of some fat gain and the more fat you gain the harder it takes to burn off. And remember you actually look bigger with a ripped body.

And if you’re serious about building muscle in 2013, I’ve got some GREAT NEWS for you…

On January 7th I’m going to releasing Monster Mass, my new home based workout course to the public. To say “thank you” to my YouTube subscribers, I’m offering a massive discount and some killer free bonuses for the first 1000 guys to sign up for Monster Mass.

The first 1000 guys to sign up will get these bonuses FREE with their order:

– A 14 day supply of Afterburn Fuel, the pre-workout supplement I personally use to build muscle.

– The Monster Mass Diet, a simple yet powerful eating system for gaining muscle

– And the 15 Universal Laws Of Muscle Building, the high-level strategies for getting jacked used by pro bodybuilders and fitness models.

– AND, I’ll be giving the first 1000 guys to sign up a BIG discount on the course (haven’t decided exactly what it is yet, but I’ll announce it soon.)

I’m glad to be able to give back to our YouTube community by giving away all this free stuff to the first 1000 guys to sign up. But unfortunately…there’s a catch!

There are over one MILLION people subscribed to my sixpackshortcuts and insanehomefatloss YouTube channels…so I anticipate that we will sell our of our first 1000 copies fast. And once they’re gone, they’re gone…there’s no way that I can get any more.

So to maximize your chance of getting a discount and the free bonuses, here’s what you need to do:

1. Bookmark this page now:

That’s the page for Monster Mass. It’s not live right now, but it’ll go live at 6 PM US Central time on Monday, January 7th.

2. Be at FIFTEEN MINUTES EARLY (5:45 PM US Central time) to ensure you’re ready to sign up as soon as we open. Since there are so many people competing for these discount copies we may sell out VERY fast, so be ready to sign up as soon as the page opens to make sure you aren’t locked out.

Of course this does not guarantee completely that you’ll be one of the lucky guys that gets a discount copy of Monster Mass…but it does maximize your chances.

Remember, Monster Mass is my extreme home muscle building course that I personally use to pack on size. You’ll be getting some of my best muscle building products for FREE just for signing up for Monster Mass, including my new pre-workout supplement which isn’t for sale anywhere. And if you miss out on the first 1000 copies, you will lose your discount and you’ll be forced to pay full price when we eventually re-open.

I know that Monster Mass is what you need to finally get the muscular body you want in 2013, and I wish you the best of luck in snagging one of those discount copies. Remember, you need to be at this URL at 6 PM US Central time on Monday, January 7th to claim your discount and free stuff:

Train hard,


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February 7th, 2013 5 comments







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What are some good ideas for following a new alkaline diet plan?

February 6th, 2013 1 comment

Due to fatigue and constipation, I recently started a new alkaline diet plan. I am having trouble planning meals and figuring out which foods I should eat and which ones to avoid with this new diet. If I am changing my life with the alkaline diet plan, I want to be sure to do it right. I need suggestions and tips to stay on track with my diet.

An alkaline diet can be very tricky and confusing until you get on track. Salad is always a good idea for this diet. Try to find dark leafy greens to add to your salad rather than iceburg lettuce. Iceburg lettuce does not have as high of a nutrient content. Furthermore, try some fresh fruit with your salad or as a snack. Fruits are a great choice for a high alkaline diet, as they are high in fiber. Fiber rich foods will help with your constipation.

In order to keep acid levels down in vegetables, be sure to not overcook them. High alkaline foods are better when eaten raw or steamed. If you overcook the food, it could turn acidy. Next suggestion is to limit you amount of sugar and flour. This includes avoiding or limiting breads, pastas, rice, bread, and noodles. Also it is a good idea to avoid dairy products when possible. Dairy products can cause extra acid in the body. Finally, it is important to avoid sugary drinks such as soda. When possible drink water or a healthy green tea. Good luck with the new diet.

What is the difference between Phentermine diet pills and Phenobestin diet pills?

February 2nd, 2013 1 comment

I am overweight a lot and eat heathy and excercise but need help of diet pills and will go to the doctor to ask. I want to lose 40 pounds in one or two months or even weeks if possible . Is Phenobestin or Phentermine better. How much weight does the average person lose on these pills?

PhenObestin contains…
Phenylethylamine as its primary ingredient which "has pharmacological properties similar to those of amphetamine."
Theobromine Anhydrous. – acts like caffeine.
Yohimbine -used for erectile dysfunction, can cause headaches, dizziness.

Phentermine is a stimulant that is similar to an amphetamine. You can develop a tolerance (need more for the same effect) and it is addictive, so a doctor’s help might be needed when you stop taking it.

Please think about talking to your doctor first, neither drug is 100% safe.
If you buy prescription phentermine online from suppliers that don’t need a script, you can get counterfeit pills, some of which could be dangerous.

PhenObestin – non prescription, contains ingredients that can cause anxiety and they say…
"You can get greater results if you combine it with a healthy diet and exercise plan."
There is no medical evidence to support the claims they make.

How to Start a Raw Food Diet!

January 30th, 2013 14 comments

Want to start a raw food diet? Now is the time! Here are 10 easy ways that you can start succeeding in living a FullyRaw lifestyle!

Living raw is not about eating a “diet,” it’s about living a healthy LIFESTYLE. It’s about thriving, allowing your foods to nourish your body and send your soul soaring! There are many ways to eat a raw foods diet. Ironically, some of these ways are not healthy at all. Eating FullyRaw focuses on thriving via a low fat raw vegan lifestyle (80/10/10), which emphasizes consuming more fruits and greens than gourmet prepared dishes with nuts or seeds. My diet consists primarily of fruits and greens, which are the most nutrient dense foods. These foods have brought me absolute health, and I want to share my healthy lifestyle with you!

10 Easy Steps to Start Eating a Raw Food Diet:

1. Stock up on Fruits! (Throw out ALL junk and make SURE that you have enough in your house to last you at least a week!)
2. Make your first meal of the day a juice or smoothie. (32-64 oz) Try my Holy Grale, V8 Juice, or Orange Spinach Basil Smoothie! YUM!
3. Make your second meal a huge platter of fruit! Eat all the fruit that you care for and preferably mono-meal. This is the easiest on digestion. Examples of a fruit meal are bananas (7-15), oranges (10-15), pears (8-10), grapes (whole 2 lb bag), apples (7-10), persimmons (10), etc. Gravitate towards sweeter fruits because these have a higher calorie ratio per unit of volume. If you are worried about not being able to eat as much as you need, remember that your stomach is a muscle and that it can expand AND contract when “exercised” properly. Yes, you can eat more expensive fruits (berries, cherries, etc)– it’s personal and monetary preference!
4. For your dinner, eat a small plate of fruit and a large salad! Start with juicy fruits like citrus (5-6 pieces) and end with a GIANT Rainbow Salad. Consume about 1-2 heads of leafy greens if you can. Try my Epic Raw Marinara as a dressing and add whatever veggie toppings you want! Make it colorful and filled with life!
5. Educate yourself! Check out the FAQ page at
6. Exercise! Get at least 20 minutes to an hour a day at least!
7. Find a community with whom you can share this blessing! Join a co-op like or find a potluck near your via meetup sites like You can also post to find others on my facebook page at You’re not in this alone, and when you have community, you will feel like you have a support team around you all the time! It’s much more fun to have friends with common interests! 🙂
8. Get rest! Sleep! you need recovery time!
9. Eat enough… cronometer until you get used to how much your body needs
10. Be gentle with yourself! Love yourself!

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How I Lost 10 Pounds + Diet Tips

January 23rd, 2013 4 comments


Disclaimer: This is my personal weight loss story. I’m not a dietician.

Check out Blogilates:

App that I use: The Eatery

– – – – What I’m Wearing – – – –
– XX Tee: UO
– Tri-blend Cardigan: American Apparel
– Lips: Japanese Maple by Mac

FTC: This is NOT a sponsored video.

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What is the difference between Diet Pepsi Max and Diet Pepsi?

January 21st, 2013 2 comments

I’ve tasted Diet Pepsi Max and Diet Pepsi and they taste different. I like Diet Pepsi Max much better. I’m curious what the difference is in taste. Anyone know?

Diet Pepsi ingredients:

With its light, crisp taste, Diet Pepsi gives you all the refreshment you need – with zero sugar, zero calories and zero carbs. Light. Crisp. Refreshing. Diet Pepsi

Diet Pepsi Max ingredients:

Introducing new Diet Pepsi Max with ginseng and more caffeine. It’s a crisp, refreshingly delicious zero-calorie cola that helps wake up your mind and body!

The difference in taste is probably due to the ginseng, but Diet Pepsi Max does have a few other ingredients that are missing from Diet Pepsi. I personally don’t like Pepsi, but I have heard that the Max has a better flavor.

What foods to cut in your diet to lose weight roughly fast?

January 19th, 2013 6 comments

What foods being cut out in your diet is a ver quick way to helping you lose weight fast? Eg. Fries, doughnuts etc.

I’ve lost 2 pounds since this morning. I biked 5 miles in the morning and ate mostly fruits and veggies (except for a banana muffin) today. Now, the muffin I could’ve left out of my diet (but I didn’t want it to spoil). A majority of your diet should be fruits and veggies. You can still eat brown rice, chicken, and fish. Cut out soda and high sugary drinks, and stick mostly to water.

Don’t forget to exercise, as accompanied with a healthy diet, will promote weight loss. Happy weight loss!

Lift Your Booty with Bridges – Pilates Sequence

January 16th, 2013 6 comments Lift your booty with this Pilates sequence featuring bridges. This video features Lisa Johnson, a Pilates instructor in Boston.

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