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The Beyonce Diet – the Secret to Lose 20lbs Fast

First the Acai Berry Diet, now the celebrity world is buzzing about the Master Cleanse Diet.  Several celebrities have vocally expressed their use of the Master Cleanse Diet.  Many people refer to the diet as the Beyonce Diet after singer Beyonce Knowles She used the diet after gaining 20lb to play a movie role.  Beyonce says the role was challenging, playing the 14 years old and adult version of Blues Singer, Etta James.  The movie, “Cadillac records”, is due for release in 2010.    The actress admits she was very cranky and craved Krispy Kreme daily, while on the diet.

The celebrity diet was founded by Stanley Burroughs and introduce by a Swiss Health Company in 1995. The Master Cleanse Diet is a form of fasting.  The diet regimen consists of a lemonade base solution that includes Maple Syrup, cayenne pepper and spring water.   The drink is consumed for 10 – 20 days alone.   Many dieters claim the lemonade mixture has purifying qualities, cleansing the body of bad toxins.  Other Master Cleanse dieters claim they feel energetic and immediately notice a glow to their skin.

Medical experts have long bashed the diet, claiming there is no evidence the drink clears toxins as claimed.  Doctors also add the diet does not include enough nutrients for the body.  Celebrities have also voice their opinion about the risk of the diet. Claiming they felt faint while on Diet.

While the master Cleanse Diet is a solution, there is no quick fix for good health.  A good diet and exercise is important to any weight loss program.You can find resource and reviews of other dieting product here. As with everything involving your health consult a doctor before starting the Beyonce Diet.

Mario Ford

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