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High Metabolism Boosting Foods: Food Combinations That Really Burn Fat

Are you fed up with diet plans that don’t give you the results that you want?  There is hope! Are you aware that there are combinations of High Metabolism Boosting Foods that will help you achieve weight loss quickly, by helping you burn calories and fat?


Most dieters are not aware of this fact!   It is just assumed by most people who are trying to lose weight that in order to lose weight, you must diligently count those calories and follow a grueling exercise routine.


However, there are certain foods that will burn fat just as effectively.  By simply including these in your daily diet, you are able to boost your metabolism and burn fat more effectively without starving yourself and exercising like there’s no tomorrow!


It’s not commonly known among dieters but WHAT you eat and WHEN you eat it has a large effect on whether or not you are thin or fat.  I want you to think about this  – I bet you know a few people who are thin who probably consume more food than you?


Combinations of High Metabolism Boosting Foods that Burn Calories and Fat


Okay, here is a list of just a sampling of some foods that will burn fat:




Spices such as cinnamon, garlic, cayenne pepper and ginger are also great for burning fat.


Fresh Vegetables


Dairy Products


Did you know that calcium will boost your metabolism?


Sesame Seed Oil and Olive Oil




Apples are a wonderful example of a fat burning fruit.  They contain pectin, which actually has been proven to boost your metabolism!


Whole Grains


Green Tea


Seeds and Nuts


Beans are replete with fiber.  Fiber is absolutely one of the best fat-burning foods!


These are just some of the hundreds of  terrific foods that burn fat. Now, I’m going to show you how to use these here is how you should use the combinations of High Metabolism Boosting Foods to burn off fat.


A typical dieter believes that, in order to lose weight, you must curtail your calorie intake.  Nope.  This is totally false! The most effective method of losing weight and increasing your metabolism is by the combination of the calories in the foods in which you eat.  Another important factor in weight lose is timing of your meals.


You must include a certain combination of foods in your diet plan in order to burn fat. Let me give you an example. If you want to increase your metabolism, you must combine together fats, protein, and carbs so that you are getting calories from each of these food substances.


Let’s say you ate lots of pasta or fried potatos. These foods contain alot of carbs.  If you dined on these foods all the time, you would gain weight very, very quickly! But . . you can lose weight, eat the same number of calories, just by combining  fats and proteins to those carbs!  Are you starting to get the picture now?


Okay, now let’s focus on your the timing of your meals. A typical American will eat three square meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner.  If you really want to achieve fast weight loss, this way of eating is not going to work. You are going to have to not only eat more often but eat smaller sized portions when you do so. This will keep your blood sugar stable and will ease the cravings for processed snack food and sugary treats.


If you are truly serious about losing weight:

  1. Use the combinations of High Metabolism Boosting Foods that are identified above
  2. Eat more modest sized  meals more frequently

If you follow this advice, you will not only burn fat and calories quickly, but you will do so without ever having to count a single calorie.

Diella Plante

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