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The Foods That Can Cause Gastric Acid Reflux – What are the Foods You Should Avoid

Whether or not you wish to believe it, the foods that you are eating could actually be causing the gastric acid reflux that you are suffering from. There are foods that are recommended for those that are suffering from this condition and also foods that should be avoided at all costs as these could be the ones that are making it worse or even causing it in the first place!

The gastric acid reflux has been studied in some detail yet the foods are only common contributing factors, some of which have been investigated and some that haven’t. The foods are potential factors to the gastric acid reflux and each one will depend on the sufferers themselves.

Among the foods that should be avoided are:

• High acidity fruits – These can include tomatoes, cranberries, grapefruits, lemons and oranges. Alongside the fruits themselves, products of these should be avoided such as the fresh fruit juices that you can get as these can also be rather high in acidity causes the gastric acid reflux to become worse.

• Vegetables such as raw onions, French fries and mashed potatoes have also been reported to make the gastric acid reflux unpleasant to deal with.

• Meat such as chicken nuggets, Buffalo wings, minced or ground beef and sirloin steaks.

• Dairy produce including ice cream, milk shakes, sour cream and cottage cheese.

• Various drinks such as coffee and other caffeinated substances, alcohol and fizzy pop.

• Chocolate products and other sweets including brownies, cookies, doughnuts and corn or potato chips.

Even though these food and food products have been renowned for cause gastric acid reflux to many people or at least making it worse for those who already suffer from it, they are generally individual to each particularized victim of the condition.

Working out the foods that you can and cannot eat with regards to gastric acid reflux and tends to rely on a system of trial and error. For the first few weeks after you have been diagnosed with this condition, keep a food diary of everything that you eat.

Note down the days on which you feel the symptoms of gastric acid reflux or whether they have become particularly worsened on some days more than others. By doing this, you can look back and see which foods are typical of the days on which you experience the worse symptoms.

After a few weeks of monitoring the foods that you are eating and the days that the symptoms of the gastric acid reflux are considered to be more unpleasant you can work out the foods that are causing the condition or at least worsening it.

By doing this you can communicate with your doctor or other medical professional to better come up with a plan or diet that will successfully eliminate the gastric acid reflux from your life without the need for long term medication which can cause adverse side effects or interfere with other medication that you may be taking alongside it.

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Alvin Hopkinson

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