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Healthy Eating Plan – Eating For Energy

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Healthy Eating Plan – Eating For Energy

All Problems Stem From a Western “Dead” Food Diet

You’ve been raised to believe that our western diet is actually healthy. But you’re not alone. We’ve all been marketed the same messages about foods that actually harm us! Why else would our population be so sick?

Isn’t it odd that cancer hospitals never existed before 1904 (the first was the American Oncological Hospital) and that nowadays the American Cancer Society tells us that 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women are at risk of developing cancer in their lifetime!

What has happened in the last 100 years?

Look no further than what’s on your plate.

Eating for Energy will show you how to transition from a dead food diet into a way of eating that incorporates more alkalizing, enzyme-rich, energy producing raw foods.

The difference between dead and living foods can easily be seen in the following 2 kirlian photographs. The one on the left is of raw organic broccoli. Notice the energy emanating from it.

Conversely, the broccoli on the right has been lightly steamed for just 1 minute! Notice the drastic reduction in energy or life force.

Considering that we are physical beings with undeniable energy properties, which broccoli would you rather feed your body?

Having said that, there’s nothing wrong with eating cooked foods on occasion. But for ultimate energy and
health, raw foods should make up a greater portion of what you eat.

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