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What are some diets and workouts that work?

February 20th, 2013 3 comments

I need to lose weight but it’s hard when you don’t know any diets or workouts that work. I don’t eat a lot and I do go to the gym but I need a diet and workout that helped people lose weight., thanks in advance!

I have read good things about the paleo diet (caveman diet), but you have to have a strong enough will power to do it. Also with that diet you have to really watch everything you eat to make sure you are getting enough vitamins.

I don’t use this diet though, I just eat healthy, but I have no "forbidden" foods. It is easier to stick with a diet when you don’t feel like you can’t eat your favourite foods. I still have ice cream and sweets, but in moderation.

you should also make sure you are getting enough calories, to few calories an cause weight gain because your body thinks it is starving and will store anything you eat as fat.

Drink lots of water. No more pop if you are serious about losing weight fast.

For working out, anything that gets your heart rate up is good. Some people can handle the mundane running on a treadmill, or running out side. Others prefer more engaging activities like zumba or boxing. Try a few different thing to see what you like.

Don’t forget to do weight training. Big muscles increase metabolism.

Good luck!

What do you think about weight loss pills?

January 19th, 2013 7 comments

Who is for and who is against weight loss pills? I`m doing some sort of a survey among you people so I can decide whether I will take some weight loss pills in order to lose almost 30 pounds or not. If you don`t agree to weight loss drugs, what else besides eating vegetables do you suggest?

Hello! I don`t agree to weight loss pills. I believe you must lose weight the same way you gained weight.. The best way to lose weight is the healthy way. Just keep your calorie intake under control and things will work out great! I work a lot so I use an online diet and workout planner to count my calories. There`s a good one at, and it’s free. in case you`re interested in losing weight the “usual” way, that’s a great choice. In my opinion, this is the safest and healthiest way to stay in shape.

What are some diets where you can lose weight fast?

January 17th, 2013 5 comments

I really want to lose weight and i want to find a diet where i can lose weight fast but not starve my self or take any medications.. does anyone know any diets like that?

Basically low-carbs. I started a new program one week ago and I’m down 10 pounds – could be mostly water weight but I’ll take anything and it’s working great and I’m not hungry like I thought I would be.
I eliminated starches such as pasta, bread, potatoes and I’m only eating meats (fish/chicken), eggs, fruits, veggies and nuts. Eliminate diet sodas and sugars! This is all in Phase 1 of my new diet and then in Phase 2 you’re allowed one or two meals per week that allow you to eat whatever you want such as chocolate cake or pizza… You should consult a physician before you do anything since everyone is different but eliminating trigger foods for me has been successful. I’ve done other programs that made you track what you ate and calculate calories – they worked but it wasn’t a long-term solution. So far I’m eating better and I haven’t been hungry all week. Drink water and you can have unsweetened iced tea or coffee – try to limit dairy as well.

So far I’m loving it and I’m hopeful that this will work well for me!

What is a good weight loss plan to lose 20 pounds by August 31st?

January 15th, 2013 5 comments

What are the best exercises to do to trigger this weight loss, and what are the best foods to eat?

I have been through it all and know what’s it about. The main thing is to stick in there. You can’t be an addict to food and never exercise if you want to live a healthy life and keep the weight off. I’ve worked out, done every diet, and all types of classes.

Nothing works, besides dedication and intelligence towards the subject of losing weight.

First, depending on how much weight you need to lose, your diet is the first concern. You can’t eat 10,000 calories a day and expect the weight to come off, even if you are exercising a lot. Which brings us to the next thing. Duh, Exercising…

This is a must especially if you need to a lot of weight. Get at least 30 mins of some good hardcore exercising. Do some cardio, in the long run, it’s good for the heart.

However, I find the most hardest part of losing weight/keeping it off, in my diet. It’s so hard to keep your fingers out of the cookie jar or those chocolate goodies. I’ve found a great addition to help any one out, it’s a natural weight loss supplement called Proactol. Now don’t get all crazy on me and say diet pills don’t work. That is true, but not in this case. This one isn’t meant to burn pounds while you sit on the couch. It’s an appetite suppressant, along with being a fat binder. I saved money on the pills at along with getting some good info. It basically makes those fingers not go towards the cookie jar. For me it’s the best pill I’ve tried and I’ve tried cupboards full. Now this doesn’t mean you have to follow my foot steps but I’ve successfully lost roughly 70 pounds and keeping it off til this day.

Well good luck and remember what I said, Dedicate.

Can you get a flat stomach with dieting alone?

January 11th, 2013 10 comments

If you keep dieting, will you get a flat stomach eventually or do you absolutely NEED to exercise?

Most people have a layer of fat over their abdominal muscles and this is why they don’t see them. Diet is probably around 80% but exercise is important too. Swiss ball exercises will strengthen your core muscles which support your internal organs and posture. Sit ups or other ab exercises will improve the look of your stomach muscles once you uncover them. A mixture of cardio and resistance training will help you do this more quickly. Train the big muscles like the legs, chest and back to burn most calories as this will burn fat from the stomach area too. Spot training won’t work. Hope this helps.

How do I lose weight when i’m not good at healthy eating?

January 11th, 2013 3 comments

I really want to and need to lose weight, but i’m rubbish at healthy eating. I start off good but then I start craving fast food & chocolate and give in. My friends always eat unhealthy food so I can’t stick to my diet when eating with them because I start craving that sort of food again. Please help!! (By the way, I HATE lettuce)

jog about 30 minutes a day and there is this weight loss earring that really workes called aurislim worn by mariah carey and christina aguillera, just google it.

also, as much as possible, eat only about 1500 calories a day and dont go beyond.

with that i guarantee weightloss.

Where can I find a lo cal, low carb, low fat, low cholestrol soup recipe?

January 9th, 2013 8 comments

I was looking at the site for diet recipes and there was a remark from a cook from Canada that said there were much better soup recipes than the one posted. BUT… They left no email of where to write to say SO…Lets have that super soup recipe. there are no top chefs in my family and the ones that can cook cook with many calories added and things I don’t need to diet or get healthier.So are there any good soup cooks out there that wish to share a few recipes? I need to lose 80 pounds and want to totally change the recipes I’ve grown up with and learn how to grocerie shop healthy without going broke. Thank you everyone who answers. Overweight from Pennsylvania

First you take a pan of water…and heat that up…

That’s about the healthiest you’re going to get with all that low cal, fat…blahblahblah

The way to lose weight is…

* Stop drinking soda

* Eat sugary foods VERY sparingly, or not at all if you can help it

* Exercise

* Drink a LOT of water

* Eat smaller portions

* Be aware of everything you add to food that jacks up the total fat/cal count….such as a nutrious salad with very fattening dressing

* Give yourself " rewards " for getting so far…
Ex. " Lose 10 pounds, get a new shirt….lose 5 more, get a cappucino "
With a reward system, you won’t feel as though you’re depriving yourself from as much.

Good luck! If I can do it, anyone can!!!

What is the best way to speed up weight loss during fasting?

January 7th, 2013 8 comments

I am aware that weight may be gained back after fasting ceases and that it may be very unhealthy for such quick weight loss, but I really need to know this information. Please, no criticism or instructions towards a "healthy diet".

You may want to take mineral supplementation. Fasting is actually healthy and a lot of people do it regularly as a great way to detox, so the implication it wouldn’t be shows you have been misinformed and given a bunch of fluff. Assuming you have enough fat stored to burn up as energy, you should know that the only thing stopping your body from using it is the fact it lacks the right nutrients or catalysts to get that process going. Minerals have no calories so you can actually fast while supplementing yourself and you would still be technically fasting.

High water consumption during fasting is essential. It takes 20 molecules of water to burn down 1 molecule of fat, that having been said, high water consumption may deplete you of minerals since you will be peeing a lot and again this is where minerals become important again.

Taking some vitamins such as vitamin C which is a known diuretic wouldn’t be such a bad idea either. If you supplement yourself well enough chances are you will feel more energized and you will have plenty of energy to exercise and get your metabolism going so you’ll burn all the fat, assuming the purpose of the fasting is weight loss.

Hope this helped

What weight loss pills have you used and which do you recommend, if any?

January 1st, 2013 4 comments

I am a middle aged female and am looking to lose those stubborn extra pounds in my tummy area.

I have used some weight loss pills int he past with some success. I am looking to try one of these products on the market today but there are so many! Help me out with your experiences, if possible. Not looking for opinions, just facts. Thanks!

** You should try drinking 8 to 16 ounces of water before each meal, this will fill you up and you will eat less, resulting in less calories at every meal. Weight loss pills are not very safe, at least water is safe. I know it may be hard at first to drink water, but you can add more and more everyday until it becomes easier, ( you will get used to it. I lost 50 pounds in three years and kept them off , I also walk for 20 minutes at least 5 times a week. Patience is needed,, if you want quick, this is not it, better to lose slowly than too fast (not healthy for your body) Well good luck too you, hope this helps.

P.S. I also think that the younger you are the faster you will lose weight, 50 years and up will take longer

what are some dieting tips for teenage girls to lose weight FAST?

December 28th, 2012 4 comments

prom is coming up and i want to really drop weight. like fast too. i just want tips and diets and ideas from other people. i want to really be slim, throwing up diets are a heck no! and no mean comments i dont care about your dumb mean comments. star to the best tips & diets!

1 no carbs and NEVER junk food or snacks
2 graze (eat almost constantly) negative calorie foods like carrots cucumber and luttuce to keep ur motabolism going
3 exercise at least 1 hour a day if your serious you should do jogging/running
4 dont eat above 1500 calories and b sure to burn off 500, and closer to the prom like 3 days before lower it to 1200-1000
5 buy a dress a size smaller that you want to fit into this will motivate you as you will know if you dont exercise and diet you will have nothing to wear
This isnt a long term plan…