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What is the best program for weight loss?

January 21st, 2013 11 comments

I want to lose from 20-25 pounds. I had planned to do this at the end of the summer. Got distracted and can’t remember which weight loss plans I had found. Would like suggestions from any Yahoo people.

Criteria of a Good Weight Loss Program:

If you want to lose some weight, it is not necessary to take natural weight loss pills and supplements. The ugly side effect from taking weight loss pills may outweigh the benefit. The whole idea of a successful weight loss program is to approach it in a realistic manner without compromising your overall health. The following are some of the criteria of a good weight loss program.

• Without using any diet pills or supplements. Although a few type of diet pills have been approved by FDA but there were cases at a point in time, the FDA have approved a drug that is certified safe for the public but later recalls it back when there is a new finding that the drug is not safe in the long term.

• The weight loss program is affordable by all and don’t need to pay a monthly fees to use it. In contrast to diet pills regime where you need to buy it on a regular basis and the amount of lose weight will reversed back once you stop consuming it.

• The weight loss program must prove to be effective in the short and long-term, without need to endure starvation and without any daily athletic workout. (But taking a light exercise every few days is highly recommended).

Since 2005 I have tried reducing my weight using most of the so-called popular weight loss program from the internet but with no avail until I meet the weight loss program that’s finally worked for me with all the above criteria. I’m confident that it will work for you too.

Does anyone know of any diets\excerise routines i could try?

December 28th, 2012 1 comment

I need to lose weight, but everytime we have chocalate or something i dig in. It’s not like i’m way over weight just twenty or so pounds, but i need to lose it and get in shape. if you have and diet recipes or exercise is could try please tell me!

Experts recommend that you accumulate one hour of physical activity every day to stay healthy or improve our health. Obviously this is also good if you are trying to lose weight and keeping it off.

The rule is the more intensive the activity is, the shorter the duration of exercise. As you progress into activity with moderate intensity, you can cut down to 30 minutes a day for four days per week.

There are 3 types of exercise that your body needs to keep healthy – cardiovascular, flexibility and strength. Cardiovascular activities are those ranging from moderate to vigorous exercises.

Here are some of the light, moderate and vigorous activities:

What is the best diet program with food delivery?

December 2nd, 2012 2 comments

I’m talking about diet programs that deliver meals already made. I know about nutrisystem. Are there any other options? Which one is the best?

What is the best? I wish I could give you the name of a company that would promote your health as well as weight loss…but I can’t. Although I do have another way to go about it… Im assuming you don’t want to cook. I would search out a trader joes or whole foods in your area and buy fresh or frozen prepared foods (without added chemicals) and base your diet on a calorie count. What is your desired weight? Take your desired target weight and multiply it by 10. Then add 30% to that. That is the maximum number of calories you should consume everyday. Look online for a good calorie counter and write down EVERYTHING you eat!!!!!!! This diet will work but takes time (you’ll lose 1-2 pounds a week). I hope this helps!!!!

How do I buy diet pills without my parents knowing?

November 30th, 2012 4 comments

I need to lose some weight, and want to lose it before school starts. Diets that I have tried don’t work.

Diets you’ve tried haven’t worked because they are diets.
Diet pills won’t do the trick either, you need to actually change the way you live.
If you weigh too much, you need to start to work on your diet and change the bad foods to good foods. Balanced, regular and healthy diet is the key.
Also, 1 hour of cardio per day is good for you health and it will help you to get rid of extra pounds in case you have any.

Is there any easy weight loss that does not involved work out?

November 20th, 2012 11 comments

I know work out is good for weight loss but I am a lazy person that do not like to move a lot.Is there any food,drink or pills that can help me out of this?I am very sad for my weight now.(158Kg)

Well….I couldn’t agree that a healthy weight loss does not involved without workout.
By the way, here’s some way that to those who does not have time or lazy to workout.
There simple method:
1)Try some coffee.Coffee is a good stuff for dieters.1-2cup a day would be enought and not too much it might harm your health.
2)Sleep early.Sleeping on time is a must for dieters.Sleeping time not accurately would cause a harmful weight problems to you.
3)Move abit after everymeal.I highly recommended you guys move at least 5-10min after every meal.Those who are overweight problems probably have a long sitting time on chair.So avoid these mistakes.

By the way,for my passed experience workout with combine taking neutral diet pills(Zotrim) and take healthy meal would be a great option for dieters.(Don’t try to skip meals it might cause more weight to you)

There is too much to say here…
Try visit for more reliable information.

Wish you have a great success with your weight loss.

Diet Talk – Expert Diet Recipes – Salad – Healthy Food

June 5th, 2012 1 comment

Take a step toward good health by watching this video that shows to make a healthy salad. Subscribe NOW to get daily updates on many such useful videos and At-Home Tips

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Somaya Reece – Weight loss tips that work (protein shakes & eating habits)

May 29th, 2012 13 comments

For healthy recipes VISIT:
I’m tired of reading all of these false diets and false weight loss tips that are NOT ideal for real people. Real people have jobs, not enough time to workout, and cannot spend money on all of these phony fad diets. I lost over 21 pounds and am still losing without dieting. I started focusing on losing weight last year a little before September of 2011. It took a few months to get into a fully focused mode. When I focused I lost the weight! I didn’t gain weight because I was eating bad. When I moved to New York it became extremely difficult to work out because the lifestyle is so different here as opposed to L.A where I hike everyday. I didn’t do it with a diet or pills and I was able to keep my curves. It’s been a fun transformation for me. I had a “make under” 6 weeks ago, a breast reduction. I haven’t been able to work out, because of it I had to learn to adjust my eating to maintain the weight I have lost which is what motivated me to share my journey in these wight loss blogs.

This first blog I discuss protein shakes, bars, cooking and the unfortunate Hollywood pressure many women suffer which makes them want to get skinny or alter their bodies to fit in.

Get healthy not skinny!

I have also added a few before and after pics. I know those are always helpful.

I hope you enjoy my series of weight loss blogs. This is one of many to come 🙂

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What Not to Eat, Bad Food & Healthy Alternative Foods | PsycheTruth Weight Loss & Nutrition

May 29th, 2012 22 comments

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What Not to Eat, Bad Food & Healthy Alternative Foods | PsycheTruth Weight Loss & Nutrition

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50 POUND WEIGHT LOSS! 145 pounds!

January 30th, 2012 24 comments
– diet, exercise plan, faq, etc (currently being worked on as of 1/28/12!) let me be your beachbody coach!! it’s free and I’ll help you out!

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Simple New Abs Exercise

January 22nd, 2012 4 comments Try this simple new abs exercise using a foam roller! This exercise video feature Stephen Cabral and Sarah Dussault.

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