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What is the likelihood of gaining back weight after New Direction ketosis weight loss program?

March 4th, 2013 2 comments

I am interested in starting the New Direction weight loss program which uses ketosis in order to maximize weight loss. By doing so and maintaining healthy eating habits, what is the likelihood of regaining weight?
The program is carefully monitored by nurse practitioners and my family doctor through blood tests and ekgs.

Quick weight loss does not work on any diet. The weight always comes back plus more. If you reduce your caloric intake by 500 calories per day you will lose one pound per week and most of the weight will not come back.

Which of the following is considered a fitness goal?

January 3rd, 2013 3 comments

A. Relaxing for 10 minutes once a week
B. Obtaining optimal weight where you feel your best and you have healthy eating habits
C. Developing muscles only by lifting weights
D. Watching a physical exercise program on television

B because everything else is what you can do to work towards a goal, not the goal itself

What will help me do my best during a baseball game?

December 18th, 2012 1 comment

I’ve played for a few years, but then I just stopped, and i need to know how am i going to get accepted into a team? i need to know what best workouts/healthy eating habits
NO i’m not buying some some stupid training program subscription, or exercise tool that never works, and i also need to know what will get me more focused during the game, i just need some all around help that might get me accepted onto a team.

you have to be black to play basket ball
sorry :/

What is a good way to get toned before summer?

December 10th, 2012 5 comments

I don’t need to lose weight, I just want to tone up my body before summer rolls around. I’m a female, and I’m about 5’6 and I weigh 110 lbs.
I’m just trying to seek out a good work out routine (something I can do at home because I can’t afford a gym membership) and healthy eating habits. Suggestions?

If you need an online exercise and diet plan to tone up and lose fat, try the Fat X Workout and Diet program. It’s a 12 day fat burning and fitness program you can cycle as many times as you want. It works great to lose fat, tone up and get fit fast. The videos and other good tips and tricks to losing weight, toning up and burning fat fast are free on the blog (Fat X101). Good luck.

what are some healthy eating habits for kids?

November 28th, 2012 1 comment

im doing a project and have to find healthy eating habits.what are some that you can think of?

Lots of fruits and veggies.

What are some things i can do to get into a healthy eating habit (more inside)?

November 18th, 2012 2 comments

I’m a 16 year old girl and i’m 5’0 and i think I weigh like 135 or somewhere around there.But other then that I was wondering what are some ways I can get into a better eating habit.I eat some junk food but not alot and I was wondering what are some tips to stay in a healthy eating habit.

Oh and what are some really good effective ways to tone my body because I have wanted to do it again but have been to lazy to do it

thanks fir your help

This article will offer good advice for your healthy eating habits.

As far as being tone, when you eat right–the exercise comes easy and maintaining a good body isn’t as difficult.

Find a good place where you can walk that you find enjoyable.

Is pilates a really good form of exercise?

November 16th, 2012 1 comment

I am currently trying to loose weight, and so far its going well. In 5 weeks I have lost 11 pounds (5 kilo’s) through basic healthy eating and would like to exercise more. I hate the gym, and have just taken up pilates… I certainly felt it working the next day!! But does any one know if long term it will aid my weight loss?

Yes, Pilates will help you, but in itself it is not enough. For healthy weight loss that you can sustain long-term you need to combine healthy eating habits (which you’ve started doing – congratulations!) with cardio training (brisk walking, cycling and such like) and resistance work like pressups, squats and so on which build and strengthen muscles. Pilates does its bit by strengthening your inner muscles which makes the rest of your exercise much more effective.
If you hate the gym, try getting a Personal Trainer to teach you a home programme, or go to some classes. You don’t need to love exercising – you just need to DO it!!
Best of luck.

How would you react if someone famous for their healthy eating habits came up to you in a grocery store…?

November 12th, 2012 7 comments

How would you react if someone famous for their healthy eating habits came up to you in a grocery store and started "judging" your cart? Would want to punch them, or happily go along with it?
By someone famous for their healthy eating habits I mean, like someone from the biggest loser, or perhaps some fitness trainer who trains celebrities. I don’t mean Jane Hotbody who lives next door. I mean someone who is actually knowledgeable about what they’d be talking about.

I’m just here to confess that I silently judge other people’s cart…
I see an overweight woman pushing a cart full of packages, processed food and sodas…I can’t help but think "cause and effect…cause and effect".

Sometimes I even feel a little cocky and full of myself, showing off all my veggies, fruits, seafood, flour…luckily I have wine…so I’m not completely sinless and I would punch anybody famous for their healthy eating habits who would dare hint that I’m an alcoholic (what should they expect when confronting a drunk?).

The white wine is for my onion soup, the red wine is for my Beef Burgandy…or so I say.

What do you think of healthy eating habits? How have your food tastes in childhood and now changed?

October 18th, 2012 1 comment

Compare your food tastes in childhood and now. How have they changed and why? What healthy/ecologically friendly products can you get in supermarkets? What do you think of healthy eating habits?
Thank YOU for answering !!! 🙂

I hated veggies as a kid. I love them now. I can get anything I care to pay for at the market… from uber expensive at Whole Foods to affordable at WalMart.

What is the best way for a 21 year old female to start healthy eating and exercise habits for the first time?

October 12th, 2012 4 comments

I’m 21 years old, 5 foot 3 inches tall and fluctuate between 110-120 lbs. I have never practiced healthy eating habits or have ever had any sort of exercise routine. I don’t know where to start.

Start with just cutting all the junk out your diet completely, bar one day a week, like Saturday, where you can treat yourself 🙂

That helps prevent you from just giving it up due to a miserable, strict diet, thats the main flaw with most people these days, theres no way you can keep it up!

Try cutting out fatty, unhealthy foods. Dont go by the numbers, just take out things like white bread, replace it with brown etc. Make sure your eating your 5-a-day and drinking atleast 8 cups of water everyday, this is vital.

Just try get it into your daily routine, every morning or night, to go for a slow, long distance run, starting with about 20 minutes to half an hour and working your way up. The feeling you get after your run everyday is brilliant, and trust me after a while, if you miss a day or something you’ll start to feel like youve let yourself down!

Start going swimming if you can, starting off with 20 minutes/half an hour again, and work your way up.

Basically the best diet you can go on is one you dont know your on, if that makes sence. Just relax with it, cut out all the junk, and make sure your getting everything your body needs with good foods 🙂
Really try work the run into your everyday routine, the morning is probably best, you’ll feel brilliant throughout your day because of it, trust me.

Good luck with it, if you need any more help or more detail feel free to mail me.